Blindfold Maze

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Here is a fun activity that illustrates walking by faith and not by sight. When God called Abraham in Genesis 12, Abraham left his home city of Ur to travel to a land he’d never seen – a land God promised him and led him to safely. When we listen to God and travel the path he directs for our lives, we will make it through successfully. Learn to listen to God and go where He directs, even when you can’t see where it is He wants you to go. Here’s what you will need to play this game…

  • A blindfold
  • A large stack of sheets of paper
  • People in teams of two

First, lay several sheets of paper down on the floor in a maze pattern. The sheets should be touching each other in two parallel lines that leave an open path in between. Choose a team to begin and blindfold one of the players. Their teammate will lead them to the beginning of the maze.


The player without the blindfold will then give directions to their teammate in order to keep them on the path and not allow them to stray off and touch the paper. If their feet touch the paper, they’re out and the next team is up. Directions to be given can be things such as: take two baby steps straight forward, turn 90 degrees to the right, walk slightly diagonally to the left, etc. The goal is to safely walk your teammate through the maze to the end.


Kids (of all ages!) enjoy playing this game and it teaches a great lesson!

*This can also be used as an object lesson for Bible stories where someone is blind. (What must it be like to have to depend on others to direct you and keep you safe?)

 *This is one of the featured activities in our “Growing Up in God’s Word” Genesis and Acts, Pt. 2 curriculum.


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