Book Burning

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MP900177808There were two occasions in the Bible where books were burned. One was in the Old Testament and the other was in the New Testament. What book(s) were being burned? Who was burning them and why?

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Answers: The first occasion in the Old Testament is found in Jeremiah 36. King Jehoiakim is sitting by the fire while the scroll of Jeremiah was being read aloud to him. These words he heard were the words of God that had been given to Jeremiah to be recorded. The king did not like those words and began to cut up the scroll and throw it into the fire until the entire scroll had been burned. (Jeremiah 36:1-2; 21-23) Incidentally, a mortal king burning a scroll does not destroy the word of God! God commanded Jeremiah to make another scroll to replace the first. (Jeremiah 36:32)

The second occasion is found in the New Testament in Acts 19. Paul was in Ephesus and had been preaching the gospel and performing many unusual miracles. (Acts 19:11) As a result, many obeyed the gospel. In Acts 19:19, we read that some of those who obeyed had been practicing magic and sorcery. As evidence of their true repentance and conversion, they brought all of their books of magic and sorcery and burned them publicly.






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2 Responses to Book Burning

  1. Heather Pryor says:

    Bravo, Angela! You got it! :)

  2. Angela Hertle says:

    Ok…I’ll admit, I had to look it up. :)
    1. Jeremiah – he gave a new scroll to the scribe to re-write the book the king had burned.
    2. Acts – the former magicians in Ephesus after the Word of the Lord was preached and magnified by Paul.

    How’d I do?

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