Burning Bush Cupcakes

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March 2014 042

Here is a cool, er hot, cupcake to make to correspond with the Bible lesson of Moses and the burning bush. This is one of the suggested activities in Lesson 2 of our Exodus curriculum from the “Growing Up in God’s Word” series. Here’s how to make them…

  • cupcakes
  • vanilla frosting (I use Wilton’s white decorator’s frosting)
  • yellow and red food coloring
  • decorating bag
  • star tip (I used #19)

First, bake whatever flavor of cupcakes you’d like according to package directions and let them cool completely.

March 2014 025

Next, divide the vanilla frosting evenly among three bowls. (For 24  cupcakes, I used two tubs of Wilton white decorator’s frosting.) Tint one bowl red, one bowl yellow, and one bowl orange by combining red and yellow food coloring.

March 2014 023

Now comes the tricky part. You will fit the star tip in the decorating bag and then load the bag with the three colors. To do this, use an icing spatula or butter knives to scrape each color of frosting down into the bag and up the inside in a thick stripe. When you’re finished, you should have three sections of frosting inside the bag. Do not worry if some of one color gets onto another color. As long as there are three distinct colors inside the bag, it will work.

March 2014 026 March 2014 028

Now, place the tip straight down on the surface in the middle of the cupcake. With slight pressure, squeeze and let frosting build up a slight base then gently pull straight up releasing pressure.

March 2014 030     March 2014 031

Continue piping “flames” all over the surface of the cupcake. Make some longer and some shorter. Pipe some on top of others.

March 2014 037

You can also break apart some mini pretzels and stick pieces in randomly for branches of the bush. These cupcakes could also be used for a lesson on the Day of Pentecost and be called “Tongues of Fire” cupcakes or be used for any Bible lesson that has to do with fire.


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