Family Service & Family Fun!

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my familyDoing things together as a family creates long-lasting memories and builds stronger relationships.

Serving together as a family, whether it is serving others inside or outside the family, teaches our children to be mindful of others and is a rewarding experience not only for those being served but for those doing the serving. It is important that we as parents and grandparents don’t simply tell the children to do things for others but that we work alongside them and enjoy the experience together. One way to help families serve together is to have a “Family Service Jar” on the kitchen counter containing slips of paper listing service activities. Take turns pulling a slip of paper out of the jar then perform the activity suggested. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • wash the family cars
  • do yard work for a widow
  • visit a nursing home and pass out homemade cookies (or sugar-free candies)
  • have a “kids cook” night (kids are responsible for meal prep, serving, and clean-up)
  • do a chore for another family member so they don’t have to
  • cook breakfast or lunch at a Ronald McDonald house or homeless shelter
  • become pen pals with a missionary family
  • clean the house (while putting on some fun music in the background!)
  • plant an herb garden
  • fix dinner and deliver it to someone who is sick
  • take a puzzle to an elderly neighbor and put it together
  • pick up trash around the church building
  • write a card to each family member telling them what you appreciate them

While serving together is enjoyable, so is playing together! Place another jar on the kitchen counter labeled “Family Activity Jar” with slips of paper containing some of the following activities as well as any others you can come up with:

  • make s’mores in the back yard
  • go on a nature scavenger hunt
  • have a picnic in the park
  • do sword drills to practice using your Bibles
  • have a water gun fight
  • camp out in the back yard
  • play a favorite board game
  • make up a song to learn a memory verse from the Bible
  • put on a play (with costumes and props) of a Bible story
  • bake cookies together
  • play a Bible game such as “I’m thinking of a Bible character” (Yes or No game)
  • visit the zoo
  • have a pillow fight
  • go geocaching
  • play Bible charades
  • make a family photo tree

(These activities are found in Lesson 7: Family Relationships of the Proverbs study from the Growing Up in God’s Word Bible curriculum series.)


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