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Q. What ages is your Growing Up in God’s Word series geared toward?

A. Our Bible curriculum is written for elementary through middle school-aged children. There are numerous activities to pick and choose from depending on the ages and abilities of your children.

Q. How do you use the Bible curriculum?

A. Each Bible curriculum contains 13 lessons which are to be done one lesson per week. The first and most important thing to do each week is the lesson text and discussion portion. Memory work is done each day throughout the week. Map work, research projects, games, puzzles, and crafts are all supplementary material to be completed as desired throughout the week. Visit our Product Catalog to click on a sample lesson link  from each book.

Q. Do I need one book per child or can I just use one for all of my children?

A. You can use one book for the family. Permission is given to photocopy the maps, templates, and puzzles as needed for home use. For a Bible class situation in a church or co-op, we request that you purchase one book per child.

Q. What are the little symbols throughout the book for?

A. Since life began in a garden and the seed is the word of God (Luke 8:11), we use garden symbols to represent each section of the lesson. The lesson text and discussion portion has a flower symbol and is called “Growing in the Word”. The memory work has a tree symbol and is called “Putting Down Roots”. The map work has a field symbol and is called “Farther Afield”. The games and activities section has a wheat shock symbol and is called “Harvest Fun”. The research section has a shovel symbol and is called “Digging Deeper”. The puzzles section has a food symbol and is called “Food for Thought” and the crafts sections has a fruit symbol and is called “Fruits of Our Labor”.

Q. Do you teach any particular denominational doctrine in the Bible curriculum?

A. No. We simply teach the Bible, nothing more, nothing less. We let the Word of God speak for itself. Within the lesson discussion portion there may be words defined, cross references given,  background information provided, and questions asked, but there is no teaching of or promoting of man-made creeds or denominational teachings.

Q. Do you believe in the literal account of creation?

A. Yes. We believe that God created the universe in 6, 24-hour days. We take a literal understanding of the first 11 chapters of Genesis.

Q. Are you developing more books in the Growing Up in God’s Word series?

A. Yes! We have several more books planned for this series which will end up covering most of the major books and time periods of the entire Bible.

Q. Do the Bible CD’s read straight from the Bible or just tell the Bible stories?

A. The audio CD’s are a retelling of the Bible story using accurate information from the Bible text and using many direct quotations from the Bible. It is not a dramatized version with sound effects or music, but simply a telling of the Bible story. You can listen to one sample story from each CD when you click on the link on our Product Catalog page.