Getting Started

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boy reading bibleWelcome to our online Bible studies for kids! We’re excited to share the word of God with your children and would like to start with a brief overview of these lessons so you will know what to expect.

What ages are these lessons intended for?   These lessons are designed to be used by multiple ages and can be studied independently or together. A good reader may complete the study online independently while a younger child will need the lesson read to him and guidance with the accompanying activities. We hesitate to assign age groups as it really depends on the individual capability of each child. When teaching the Bible to children, our goal has always been to help them to stretch and reach to learn as children generally enjoy a challenge and can surprise us by exceeding our expectations.

Do you actually use the Bible or just tell a story? We’re glad you asked! We firmly believe in using the Bible even for the very young. It is important for children to see that these stories are true because they come from the Word of God.

What is included in each lesson?

  1. Bible Text – Each lesson begins with a Bible text that is linked to online text at the Bible Hub website. The text is linked to the English Standard Version, but you may choose other versions as well. This is included for convenience, but we would also like to encourage the student to have an open Bible in front of them as they study.
  2. Question to Consider – Under the text is a “Question to Consider.” This will give the student an idea of what the focus of the lesson will be and give some food for thought as he studies.
  3. Bible Lesson –  Next is the Bible lesson itself. Embedded in the lesson are links to individual verses for the child to read and consider. Sometimes, the verse answers a question in the lesson text. Other questions are interspersed to help the student follow along and to encourage deeper thinking.
  4. Review Questions – A short list of questions is included for comprehension and review. A link for the answers is provided in the lesson table on the Kids’ Corner page.
  5. Memory Verse – Memory verse work is included with each lesson. Psalm 119:11 says Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You. Hiding God’s Word in our hearts is always important and what better time to plant the seed in the hearts of our children than when they are young and tender?
  6. Word of the Week – A featured word from the lesson will be chosen, defined, and listed in either Hebrew or Greek for older children wishing to learn Hebrew and Greek vocabulary words. Phonetic pronunciations will be provided with each word.
  7. Did You Know? – This is a fun fact or Bible trivia section about someone or something from the Bible lesson.
  8. Additional Activities – This section includes application activities, research, games, coloring sheets, etc. for further learning and fun. Choose age-appropriate activities for each student from the list.


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  1. Heather Pryor says:

    The lessons will be available online starting June 5th. We will post a link on our Facebook page or you can simply visit our Kids’ Corner to access the lessons at that time. Thank you for your interest. :)

  2. Heather says:

    How do I get this?

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