Lesson 4 Answers

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Lesson 4 – Choosing Good Companions


  1. Why would an angry person not be a good companion?  Being friends with an angry person might influence you to start acting as they do. James 1:19 teaches us that we are not to be quick-tempered.
  2. What might happen to those who choose fools as their companions?  A foolish person might influence us to be foolish too. If that happens, we will make very bad decisions that are not pleasing to God.
  3. What verse in the New Testament warns us that evil companions corrupt good morals? I Corinthians 15:33
  4. What will a true friend always do?  Love you at all times
  5. If we want to have good friends, what does Proverbs 18:24 tell us to be?  Friendly. We must be a good friend to others if we want them to be a good friend to us.



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