Malchus’ Ear

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MP900177808Who was Malchus and what extraordinary thing happened to his ear? (Actually, two things happened to his ear. What were they?)







Answer:  Malchus is mentioned by name in the New Testament as the servant of the high priest of the Jews. (John 18:10) When Jesus was in the garden praying, Malchus was among those in the crowd who came out to arrest Jesus that night. Peter tried to defend Jesus by drawing his sword and struck Malchus, cutting off his right ear. Even in the midst of the trouble surrounding Jesus and the agony he was facing, he compassionately touched Malchus and healed him, restoring his ear. (Luke 22:51) This event is mentioned in all four of the gospels, however, John’s account is the only one that mentions the names of Malchus and Peter, and Luke’s account is the only one that records the event of healing. (Matthew 26:51; Mark 14:47; Luke 22:50-51; John 18:10)




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